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Why Us

What We Do

  • Offer undivided attention colleagues rarely have.

  • Provide advice employers, teachers, or parents often can’t. An outsider’s perspective is invaluable.

  • Share two decades of expertise writing for research publications, funders, arts organizations, social media and marketing firms. 

  • Draw from a wealth of tutoring experience. We’ve mentored students through professionals from multiple fields for twenty years.

  • Mentor through relaxed, productive sessions.

  • Meet in person or online, using Google Docs, Google meet, Zoom, and other convenient tools.

  • Work interactively in real-time. Feedback is immediate. Next steps are clear.

  • Take pride in our stellar track record. We offer affordable packages, hourly rates, and a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the first working session.

What We Don’t

  • Write essays for college and graduate school applicants.

  • Endorse last-minute cram sessions. We prefer time frames that allow for thoughtful preparation. Having said this, we meet clients where they are in the writing process

What People Say

Professional Development
  • Clients

As I transitioned into my career in medicine, Gail helped to refine my writing skills. She provided clear and concise feedback to improve my style, grammar, and word choice. Since working with Gail, I know that my writing is now more succinct and effective. She taught me how to proofread my work effectively and I often think about her corrections while editing. She is meticulous and thorough. I still use the writing tools while working on current research proposals and manuscripts. After working with Gail, I am a more confident writer and am proud that some of my work has been published in academic medical journals. Marisa B.

  • Colleagues

Gail and I worked together on a research study. As the primary liaison between participants and the intervention team, I wrote letters to participants, process notes, and study materials. Gail taught me that less is more: keep writing concise. I’m a supervisor myself now, and share Gail’s advice with my patient advocates. Clear, engaging, direct writing is best. I should probably add that Gail has a great interpersonal style. She is passionate, fun to work with, and very supportive. Lucy B.

Writing and Editorial Services
  • Clients

Gail is a versatile writer. She wrote business proposals, product reviews, and marketing copy across a wide range of industries: real estate, construction, healthcare, and commercial art. Gail was able assess the needs of our clients quickly and translate them into engaging social media campaigns. She is efficient, responsive, and easy to work with. 

Steven S.

  • Colleagues

I was a colleague of Gail’s for over eight years during which time we collaborated on and submitted a number of proposals to federal agencies including NIH, CDC and SAMHSA, as well as state departments of education and health. We also worked together in program and intervention development and testing. Gail is an incredibly smart and talented writer who has great insight into the needs and expectations of funders, as well as writing for a variety of diverse audiences. I would highly recommend her as an advisor, consultant or collaborator on various types of projects including grant or contract applications. Athi M-U.

Gail and I shared time on the board of a non-profit arts group, where we often worked together on media and messaging. She used her strong writing and editing skills to greatly improve each of our projects, by clarifying ill-defined missions, battling against fuzzy language, and making complex survey data comprehensible to all members. Lynn R.

College and Graduate School Applications
  • Parents

I cannot recommend Gail from WorksWrite enough. My son is a well-rounded leader and a high-achiever academically. However, that guarantees nothing in today's extremely competitive college admissions game.  Due to distance, we live near NYC, Gail Skyped with my son. After their first session, he exclaimed, "Gail is great! She definitely knows what she is doing." Gail did not write my son's essays. She made suggestions and kept him organized with his fifteen applications and numerous deadlines.  Again, our family is forever grateful for Gail‘s positive attitude and professionalism. She not only provided tremendous guidance to my son but helped take the stress off my husband and me during this particularly hectic time in our lives. Leslie D. 

My Daughter loved working with Gail for her college essays. She is an amazing coach and writer. Gail encouraged my daughter to truly show who she is in her college essays. Deadlines were set and lots of nudges were given when needed. Gail has the ability to be extremely keen with her critique of the written word. The final products were amazing. Laina C. 

Thank you for helping my daughter find and refine her voice as she applies to college. After working with WorksWrite, she feels so much for confident about her essays -- and more confidence is a great thing to have at this point in life! Anne S.

  • Students

I was stuck. The college application process was catching up to me. I could not find a topic for my common application essay. Then came Gail Agronick. She helped me regain confidence and motivation. We spent time creating an agenda and checklist for each session. This ensured that I was on track for application deadlines. Gail encouraged me to write about topics that shared significant parts of myself, then helped me to hone my essays with constructive and honest feedback. By the end, every sentence was purposefully structured. I am forever grateful for her time, patience, and guidance. I could not thank you enough, Gail! Alexandra C. 

The college essay writing process was especially lengthy for me because I applied to fifteen colleges. Gail tutored me over a period of many months, ensuring that all my essays were high quality. Her schedule was extremely flexible and she helped me meet my various deadlines. Without Gail’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to produce my best work. Her teaching made me a better writer overall. Jefferey D. 

While I was writing my essays, Gail consistently supported me by providing helpful suggestions and advice. She gave me gentle reminders regarding upcoming deadlines, and always accommodated my busy schedule. Gail made the college application process way less stressful for me and was always kind. Thank you for everything. Zachary X.

Gail helped exponentially when writing my college essays. Her aid motivated me to perfect my essays and to keep working. She provided strategies to write, revise, and structure my essays to appeal to admissions officers. Furthermore, she used her past experiences to help shape my essays in a way they were more convincing and thorough. My time working with her calmed my stress and I couldn’t be more thankful! Ethan P.

Gail gave me a much needed confidence boost when it came to applying to medical school. I would have never considered my strong suit writing essays; However, I became proud of the work that I produced with the assistance of a great mentor. As a full-time employee working on applications, Gail was extremely flexible, but also did not allow for procrastination. I recommended Works Write to my younger brother and I would encourage anyone else to use this service as well. Caitlin D.

High School Tutoring
  • Students

Learning to write well can be incredibly challenging. Having to keep in mind what teachers are expecting while also wanting to be creative can be a difficult balancing act, and it’s incredibly helpful to have someone by your side who can help you strengthen your skills. WorksWrite, in a word, works! There’s power in knowing how to translate ideas onto the page. It’s been awesome to see the difference in my writing (and the better grades don’t hurt, too). I’m glad I took the time to refine my writing skills! Andrew C.

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