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How to Edit Application Essays

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Early Action and Early Decision deadlines are quickly approaching. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to make sure you put your best foot forward:

  1. PRINT OUT YOUR DRAFTS. Don’t exclusively work from a screen. This is very important each step of the way.

  2. Read out loud. Your voice is telling a story (obviously with a specific audience in mind). Would you really say that? Trite and stilted language should go.

  3. Try it out on your inner circle. Get feedback from people who know you well.

  4. Let it sit. Step aside for a day or two. You'll return with a fresher eye.

  5. Don’t be afraid to revise. Be brutal if necessary. If you have a word count problem, try eliminating unnecessary "the"s. Then consider uniformly using contractions. Two words become one instantly.

  6. Enough is enough. Know when it’s time to be done.

  7. See first step above before submitting your amazing essay.

Gail Agronick, principal of WorksWrite, has a twenty-year track record of helping students gain admission to their top schools. She can be reached here.

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