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Best Writing Tip: Don't

Sometimes the best writing isn’t writing at all. Many of us are experiencing screen fatigue: Zoom meetings, remote learning, and other computer-based work are draining. It’s vital to our physical and mental health to take a break once an hour, even briefly. (Close that Move ring lately?)

Our bodies get moving. Blood gets flowing. Brains relax.

I do my best “writing” away from the keyboard. Awkward sentences fall into place while walking in the neighborhood. So, I record edits on the fly on my phone.

My ideas flow most freely while bathing. An afternoon shower works wonders for my productivity. Yet a full break from thinking about writing is often best. I return to my screen, and blinking cursor, with renewed energy.

Gail Agronick, principal of WorksWrite, brings her experience as a psychologist, educator, published author, and former costume character to each client.

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